Over time an area rug collects dust, dirt and debris and 79% of the dirt in a rug is dry particle soils.  The first step to a cleaning of a rug is by sending it through our state of the art RUG DUSTING MACHINE!. Although regular vacuuming or beating  with a broom can remove some of the dust close to the surface, a vacuum is not powerful enough to remove dirt that is deeply imbedded within the foundation of the rug. With the RUG DUSTING MACHINE, we are able to gently remove 100% of loose dirt, dust and debris from the rug.
This is considered the most important step of the cleaning process. The RUG DUSTING MACHINE is an essential tool for the serious rug cleaning facility. Removal of dry soil makes all other cleaning procedures much easier. Simply place the rug face own on the conveyor and it will be drawn into the machine with 100's of soft leather belts gently slapping  the rug and loosening impacted soil in addition to the gentle harmonic vibrating massager on the back of the rug. 

This allows the dry soil to fall out of the rug and be deposited into the bottom of the machine. Lighter soil will be picked up by te powerful fan and be captured by the filter. The rug then drops down to the floor on the back side of the duster. The dirt is removed and has made the pile of the rug open and fresh and ready for the washing process.



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